Losing a loved one is very difficult, I know. I’ve lost people in my life also!! Do you need answers to your questions? Didn’t get to say good-bye and need closure?

Departed Loved Ones


*  Departed Loved Ones

* Departed Ancestors



Patreon Memberships

* Memberships for every budget

* Monthly discounts over 70%

*  Memberships with flexible schedules

*  Journeys, consultations, mini readings and more

A three month private course with weekly live meetings. Some of the topics of discussion will be: crystals, essential oils, Shamanic paths, Spirit guides, Ancestors and more

Psychic Journeys

* Soul Retrieval

* Past Life

*  Shadow Work

*  Spirit Animals & Spirit Guides


Linda is a Shamanic practitioner, Animal communicator, Psychic medium.


Heartbeats of love was created by Linda Clark in 2019 based on her knowledge and spiritual gifts of being able to connect with animals and people.  Are you looking to heal ancestral trauma, discover your past lives, speak to departed loved ones, or develop a deeper understanding of your spiritual path; these are just a few topics that Linda can assist you with. The desire to help heal old traumas suffered by people, undesirable behaviors and the cause of those behaviors, how ancestral trauma impacts your life; are just a few things of what we can focus on.

Currently, Linda has Patreon Memberships that offer significant discounts to support those looking to grow in their journeys and to delve into their past lives. Additionally, she will also speak to those loved ones that have passed on, and help identify those life traumas that need healing.

The company has established both Facebook and Instagram pages for Heartbeats of love creating a community with common needs. This community looks to Heartbeats of love for assisting them with their spiritual growth and providing services and trusted resources to help them on their journey.

Heartbeats of love promotes and supports those in their journey who are looking for light, truth and love in all things. Promotion of these qualities will be our focus, as well as communicating these and acceptance of those looking for it. 

Whether we are people or pets we all look for validation, love and acceptance and the number one way to achieve what we are looking for is by COMMUNICATING.  Our company’s goal is to help you achieve  what you are looking for.

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