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As a psychic medium, I am using my spirit gifts of “seeing” (clairvoyance), “hearing” (clairaudience), and “feeling” (clairsentience) to assist you in deep emotional healing. Your spirit guides, ancestors, animal totems, myself, along with mine, are all here to help you strengthen and heal on this journey called life.

The ability to sense Spirit, even as a young child growing up, has always been there, but I was extremely fearful to embrace my gifts, even going so far as to turning them off so I could be “normal”.

Since the reawakening of my psychic abilities, my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, things have taken off. My ability to “see”, “hear”, and “feel” people who have departed, spirit guides and spirit animals, quickly became a daily way of life. While I have set boundaries with these spirit guides, I can access their wisdom and guidance at any time. Their love, support, and knowledge are given to me freely.

During a session, I open myself up to spirit and allow my psychic gifts, to actively receive the energy from the universe to flow through me. Through this, I’m able to “connect” to the spirit world and instantly start to receive messages that are unique for the person I am working with.

As a psychic I do not guide the session, I am only the channel and I allow Spirit to guide the journey. I do not interpret the messages received. I simply relay the information as it is gifted to me.  It is up to each client to choose how they interpret their messages and how they apply them to their situation. The only requirement of you is that you come with an open heart and open mind, ready to receive any sacred messages intended for your highest good.

With my psychic abilities, my clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, I can work through DISTANCE since energy transcends time and space, it does not require me to be physically present with you.

Sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE, so please contact me before investing if you are unclear of how a session works. Your sessions are all CONFIDENTIAL and are not shared with others.  Generally, I will not recall the session after the journey is done, because when I enter the Spirit realm, it is like a dream and I am only the channel bringing messages from the sky down to earth for you. 

Linda’s journey’s are one of a kind! She will take you places you’ve never imagined. She is thoughtful and caring and takes good care of her clients. If you’ve not worked with her yet, please do!!

Sandra Owens

I have done a journey with Linda and had her do a past life regression journey with my daughter who was having some unexplained issues and both sessions were extremely insightful and helpful. Consultation with her is also very helpful in learning new ways to work with my guides and ancestors in ways I would never have considered without her guidance. I highly recommend any of her services for anyone who needs to reach out to a passed loved one, who wants to better know themselves through spirit journeys, or needs guidance on guides or ancestor matters, she can help you with any of these things.

Randi Isaacs

My first reading with Linda was absolutely amazing. she's such a kind and genuine person.

Claudia Kersting

Ms. Linda is right one the mark with her readings! She has an amazing gift that allows you to connect with people who are deceased and pets alive or passed! She is so heartfelt and true in her readings and it truly feels like you’re having a conversation with the person/animal you are reaching out to. If you need clarification, closure or guidance from ancestors that have passed, Ms. Linda is the one to go to!

Trinity Beesley

Ms Linda is the sweetest. She is Knowledgeable and true to herself. while you may not get all the answers, it is helpful to have guidance from her and your guides.

Christina Marie

I am new to the page and I had not had a reading on here before. Linda delivered a very special message from my Mom tonight. So many "small" things in the message that were so spot on, it was absolutely unbelievable. I even had my boyfriend watch the replay and he was amazed as well. He even made the comment that maybe he had to rethink how he thought about certain things because it was so clearly a message from her to me. This was such a beautiful gift to have been given this opportunity. Thank you so much Linda, bless you!

Missy Begley

My second time watching, my mom came through, I didn't even ask. Linda didn't even know!! Linda described so much and I knew it was my mom. It had been 20 years the day my mom had passed away. Hearing from my mom helped me so much and I was able to feel her again. That night I was able to talk to her about some things. I was able to have the closure I never got. thank you so much!!!!!

Jennifer Kettleson

“ Linda has such a wonderful energy, and is so very gifted. Very accurate readings, and has so much knowledge. She facilitates a safe, comfortable place to connect and provides valuable wisdom to heal. Highly recommend 😍"

Meighan Kirkpatrick

“ I had an amazing reading with Linda using Spirit Animal cards. It was right on point. a very positive and safe environment. Thank you so much! 💓"

Tara Coultas

“ Thank you for talking with me tonight about our precious rescue pups. Your insight has been invaluable"

Pippa Jackson

Linda Clark is AMAZING!!!! As much as I love all things woo-woo, even I was skeptical about a pet psychic. But so many of my friends have raved about her services and Linda made me a hardcore believer within the first few minutes of our reading yesterday! I can’t even begin to describe the weight that’s been lifted off my chest being able to communicate with my fur babies, both past and present. 💜

Brianne Smith

Linda talked to our dog Mika who didn’t want to go outside when we told her to go outside to go potty. She told Linda that she wanted to be asked not told what to do. Because she knows what she wants and she knows when she has to go out! So we stopped telling her what to do and asked her now she goes out when asked and not told and it was immediate. Go figure!! Thanks so much Linda

Terry Palm

Linda Clark thank you for relaying Molly’s issue to me she is so happy now. She does do her service duties that we abandoned after my husbands passing, and now has her own backyard. She’s socializing well and happy to see everyone who comes to visit our new home. She opens the door for everyone and greets them with a wagging tale. I have a totally different dog now. If not for your insight I wouldn’t have realized she missed her purpose of being a service animal.

Sandy Heins Cutrone

Linda is the best! She was able to give us amazing information about our dog Kaia who passed away. It made us cry but also joyful. Linda knew things that were very much true. She is wonderful!

Claudia Garofalo

Great insight into things. A lovely person with great reading. Thank you Linda

Mari E Nassar

"I had a phone consult with Linda over some general concerns and feelings. She made me feel very comfortable. She answered all my questions in a way that was easy to understand. I look forward to working with her and getting an in-depth reading done in the near future."

Jennifer L. Arlinghaus

"I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Linda for a reading. I was amazed by her warmth and insight into my world and my own personal journey. Through this reading she gave me the guidance that I needed to proceed further in my path while at the same time helping me connect with my ancestors. I would recommend to anyone to take the opportunity and work with Linda. Thank you again Linda, Sandy H."

Sandy Nelson Hicks

"I had the chance to talk with Linda and she also spoke to my very sick kitten, he had been sick since I got him 😢 Linda was able to let me know he was in pain and it was time for him to cross over and there would be help waiting for him. Linda has a beautiful gift to help all animals and people. She made me feel at ease doing what was right for my baby. I will be doing additional reading with Linda."

Pam Myers

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