The Key to Magick


Hello, My Name is Jackie and I am the Head Witch in Charge at The Key to Magick.

It is an honor to be a trusted affiliate of Ms. Linda Clark . She is a member of my  personal Circle and I value her input and insight on all things.

What is The Key to Magick you ask? That is quite Simple. You are The Key to Your Magick!

Magick is inside each of us and we are here to help you unlock it.  We are purveyors of Crystals, Herbs, Candles, Custom Blended Oils, Custom Made Apothecary Items and All things Witchy.

We are also a community of teachers and healers, We have been brought together to help you help yourself become the best version of you and figure out what value you that you have to offer the world.

I am a 40 plus year practicing Grey Hereditary Eclectic Witch. I do not follow just one path. I pull my practices and beliefs from many places and experiences. I teach shadow work, ancestor and generational healing and I mentor others in magickal learnings. I am a crystal healer, for as long as I can remember rocks and crystals have spoken to me with their energy. I have always been drawn to them. I have a huge collection of my own and I decided to take all this knowledge and start a business.  You got 99 problems?  I got crystals that can solve 105 of them.

I run my Business with my family. We have recently becoming Incorporated and have several divisions working under the Key to Magick Umbrella.

My Husband runs Odins Own Made- This man and I have found each other in a hundred lifetimes. Each time we come back to each other and each time we always come back to the magickal things we are here for; He can create anything he sets his mind to. He is an award-winning Chef and a Woodworker. He will find a way to hand craft any crazy idea I have from food to crystal holders.

My daughter helps me with the crystal and magickal side of the business and she is an exceptionally talented reader and seer. She specializes in art of bone throwing also known as curio magick, and tarot reading. She took her evocation into the magickal world on Samhain in 2020. She has spent this last year learning the crafting and crystal world. She has also been putting her time and energy into our upcoming Witch School which will be released in Google Classrooms in the late summer of 2021.

So Mote it Three is our Crafting and Magickal Division – We craft and custom make many things candles, wax melts, salts, self-care items, custom apothecary items, tonics and tinctures.  We carry a line of herbs and make custom blends for you. If you want something blended and created, we can do it.

My Son The Drunken Botanist helps us and specializes in our plant division. He is our plant Dr. He has a way with growing and creating all things plants.

We do live sales on our Facebook Page, and we are ever expanding our social media and internet footprint. We are pleased to offer Free Shipping and a 10% discount to all Heartbeats of Love and Pathway to Light Members. You need to make us aware when messaging to order. Below I have included a link to all our social media. Please join our Facebook group so you will be in the know on all upcoming events and sales.

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