Animal Readings

Animal Readings

Animal Communication
Whether your pet is a rescue or one that you raised from a puppy, there can be breakdown in communication on behavioral issues between you. It may be one session or a session with follow up sessions, but we can work as a team together to re establish the communication and improve behaviors.

Deceased Pets
Our pets are part of our family and when they cross the rainbow bridge sometimes it’s very hard for those they leave behind. Maybe it was very sudden or maybe you weren’t able to say all you wanted to say Or maybe you just wanna say and tell them how much you love them. We can reach out and give you in your pet the opportunity to say good bye or to resolve things that were left and resolved to between you. We can also help you just tell them how much you love and miss them.

My Story
My ability to sense what animals want to share came to me over 35 years ago while living in California. At first, I thought that animals loved me just as much as I love them, because they would flock to me. Eventually, I realised that they weren’t just coming to play and snuggle, they were communicating with me.

I was fortunate to have an open and supportive circle of friends who wanted to connect with their fur babies both alive and deceased, leading me to work with pets in the US, UK, and Australia. I maintained my day job but worked as an animal communicator when the opportunity arose.

When I moved to Colorado 15 years ago, I decided to keep my gifts to myself. I had a corporate job that I excelled in and I understood that my abilities are uncomfortable for many.

Then I met Mo.

Mo The Service Dog

Although I kept my gifts to myself, animals continued to communicate with me. I accepted their messages but never passed them along to their humans. That is until I met Mo the Service Dog.

I would see Mo with his human Beenie Mann every month or so at networking events in Colorado Springs. Mo was persistent and since Beenie is a beam of light and Law of Attraction expert, I invited her to coffee and confided in her.

Beenie was open and receptive and immediately wanted to know what Mo had to say. She and my shaman worked with me to shift my mindset and embrace my gift, encouraging me to live in authenticity as an animal communicator.

May you be blessed with many Heartbeats of Love!

Linda Clark

CEO and Founder

 Mo The Service Dog

Mo The Service Dog

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