Departed Loved Ones

Departed Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is a life event we will all have to go through.  I know personally the devastation we can go through,  not getting to say goodbye,  an unexpected departure or a tragic ending.  Leaving us with questions,  anger and grief. I  would love to help you and assist you in bringing you comfort and closure regarding your loss.

We all have loved ones we wish we could connect with. Whether we miss them or have questions that will help us achieve closure and peace, they only come to share light and love. They love you enough to share, reassure you, and provide closure.

 I understand that there is a lot of hesitation and misunderstanding about metaphysical gifts, which is one of the reasons why I created my 30-minute Tuesday evening Facebook livestream. It’s at 7 p.m. MDT and is the time and place to learn more about connecting through the spirit. My services are always to spread and share light, love, peace, and truth. It is my honor to help you connect!

My Story

A few months after shifting my life, I received a new gift during meditation, the ability to communicate with deceased humans. I’ll admit, this gift was startling for me. My initial reaction was fear. I immediately reached out to my shaman, who coached me through, clarifying that the deceased are only here to share light and love. My first deceased human saw the light of my meditation and came to the light.

Just as with communication with pets, I had to learn to set boundaries so that I am not constantly bombarded with information. This means I sometimes must let spirits know that now is not a good time.

As an empath, I have also learned not to take on the emotional toll of feeling what is being shared. While animals and humans always share with the intention of light and love, they are sometimes sharing painful experiences. Such as animal abuse by a former owner, a health concern, or providing closure for pain and hurt during their lifetime.

My Life Since Launching Heartbeats Of Love

Sharing my metaphysical gifts is something that took most of my life to fully embrace. Like everyone else, I strived for and achieved traditional success. But life is meant to be lived and what is more fulfilling than doing what comes naturally to you? It was a tremendous leap of faith but committing my life to spreading light and love is the happiest I’ve ever been. The spirit has my back! 

Creating My Sacred Space

While I can connect with pets and deceased loved ones anywhere, the spirits and I created a sacred space to connect. The spirits I refer to are my spirit guides, spirit animals, and ancestors.

They helped me transform a room in my home into a sanctuary. They guided me to select the colors, the spirit art, natural elements, and furniture that create welcoming energy for love and light to flow. My home is a positive space, but my sanctuary always filters negativity and unwanted energy.

Whether we are online or in-person this is where I do my readings.

That is unless I’m invited on TV!  Watch my 2-part Living Local segment here.


May you be blessed with many Heartbeats of Love!

Linda Clark

CEO and Founder

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