Psychic Journeys


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Psychic Journeys

The concept of a soul retrieval is that we all experience trauma during our lives or past lives, and when we do, a part of our beings or soul may flee, fracture, or hide in an effort to protect itself. We call this ‘soul loss.’ The trauma might be obvious (an injury, assault, war, accident, the death of a loved one, divorce, physical or emotional abuse) or it may exist in a more subtle realm. Sometimes trauma can even extend back to the womb or infancy and may stem from not having our needs properly met. Depression, dysfunctional relationships, a sense of separation, an inability to move forward can all be hallmarks of soul loss.

Over and over again, people who feel stuck in talking about their problems have massive breakthroughs in their healing journeys after a soul retrieval.

Past Life journeys are usually tied to shadow work and may have an impact on our lives today. Many times we keep making the same mistakes or actions that never really make us happy. Ever want to know why? Both of these types of journeys can significantly help us move on with our journey and assist us with working with our Ancestors and healing ourselves.

You will hear the term “ shadow work” frequently and may be actively doing this or need some guidance on how to start and to do this. I can help to get you started and by doing shadow work you can move forward in your journey.

Maybe you want to know about your Spirit guides, Power animals, Enlightened beings or Deities, by having a general Psychic journey many times these entities identify themselves to you.

The main purpose of any of these sessions are to give you clarity, healing and support.



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