Terms and Conditions

I consent to receive a Shamanic/Psychic/Communication session from Heartbeatsoflove2019/Linda Clark & release any and all claims for damages I may have against “Heartbeatsoflove2019” and/or “Linda Clark”.

I agree to hold “Heartbeatsoflove2019” and “Linda Clark” harmless and not accountable for any incident(s) that arise from my use of session/these sessions.

I understand that these sessions occur as energy flows through Linda (not from her) to the client.

Linda is not responsible for how the energy flows and is received by the client, how messages are interpreted by the client, what she will “see”,”feel”, or “hear” in her altered state, and how it will affect the individual client.

I understand that Linda is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe.

Any written or verbal discussions are informational only. If you have a condition that Linda feels is best treated by another Shamanic practitioner, herbalist, or health professional, she will refer you to a qualified practitioner.

Any information exchanged during a Shamanic Journey distance session is completely confidential.

There are NO refunds after the completion of the session.

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